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Flevosat | Satellite Broadcasting

My name is Johan Harmeijer.
I manage a company that is able to make any kind of connection. Radio, television or (data) Internet connectivity by satellite or wireless transmissions by using high frequency transmitters and (parabolic)beam or omnidirectional antennas. Or by the other possibility, using optical fiber and/or the Internet.

What can I offer you?

- High-quality, satellite and microwave links.
- Committed to your project, able to advise if needed.
- Professional and highly flexible attitude.
- On time on site and always well-prepared for your project.
- Reliable equipment and tools.
- Extensive knowledge and experience, important for the success of your project.


As early as the age of 10 I started electronics by designing transmitters, receivers and antennas. At young age I became an amateur radio operator and learned the (im)possibilities of the radio spectrum. Even after years, I love to do high quality transmissions over big distances by means of high-frequency equipment.

At 1989, I started my career at Sonotech NL as a vision engineer, mainly working on OB trucks and in television studios. At 1995, I learned to work with satellite links for television reports. Ever since I have been active with satellite connections, in the beginning mainly setting up downlinks. From 2004 on, I focussed on satellite connections by working on (SNG) trucks and with fly-away sets. Maintenance, repair, build or modify satellite trucks belonged to my daily skills. Nowadays I work regularly globally with mobile (fly-away) satellite sets and with my own satellite van.

In 2009 I started as independent freelance SNG operator.

Since Januari 2016 in possession of a brandnew professional KU band HD satellite truck.

Till the end of 2018 I have worked on many foreign long-term events and assignments listed below.

Nowadays mainly on the road with my own SNG.

Operational jobs.

Freelance SNG operator en up/downlink engineer C and Ku Band + broadcast RF spectrum

Ericsson-MCRRedBee-MCR- NOS-MCR MCR operator at the master control room in the Netherlands.

EBU - Eurovision Satellite transmission engineer for UEFA WK Soccer Russia 2018 Worldfeed

EBU - Eurovision Satellite transmission engineer for Olympic Wintergames Korea 2018 Worldfeed

EBU - Eurovision Satellite transmission engineer for 2017 IAAF World Championships Worldfeed

MotoGP - Dorna Satellite transmission Engineer, Moto GP Qatar Worldfeed

EBU - Eurovision Satellite transmission engineer for UEFA EK Soccer 2016 Worldfeed

EBU - Eurovision Support engineer for European Amsterdam Athletics Championships 2016

EBU - Eurovision MDS satellite support engineer for RIO 2016 Olympic Games

EBU - Eurovision Satellite transmission engineer, Formula 1 Austin, USA & Formula 1 Mexico city

Serious Request Serious Request 2008-2016 the Netherlands, engineer for television and visual radio.